Bitcoin Fixes the Inefficiencies of Our Coercive Fiat System

• Tim Niemeyer is an elementary school teacher and co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup. He has developed a unique perspective on how our coercive fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits.
• He believes that Bitcoin fixes these issues by providing sound money that is not controlled by the whims of those in power.
• He also observes that helicopter parenting is a result of living in a fiat system, as it allows humans to impose their morals onto the money supply.

My Perspective as an Educator

I’m a teacher by day and a passionate Bitcoiner by night. Teaching elementary music has helped me develop a deeper appreciation for both passions, while my experience with Bitcoin has given me insight into the educational system. I firmly believe that living in a fiat monetary system incentivizes less-than-optimal decision making and substandard relational habits, while Bitcoin can fix these issues by providing sound money that is not controlled by any one person or group.

The Emergence of Helicopter Parents

In my almost two decades as an educator, I have noticed the emergence of helicopter parents. WebMD lists signs such as fighting battles for their child, doing schoolwork for them, coaching their coaches, keeping them on short leashes, playing it too safe and not letting them fail – all behaviors which are likely caused by living in a coercive fiat monetary system which encourages high time preference actions from its participants. Despite this, I still believe most parents are good people who simply don’t see the long-term benefits of sound money outside of politics or special interests groups.

The Effects on Education

These behaviors have had serious repercussions on education; from micromanaging children’s homework and activities to pressuring teachers to give higher grades than they should be awarded – it’s clear that something needs to change if we want to ensure students receive quality instruction and guidance during their formative years. Unfortunately, too often students are being treated like commodities instead of individuals with unique goals and aspirations; this further reinforces the idea that education is only seen as valuable when it brings immediate rewards rather than striving for long term success or personal growth gained through failure or adversity.

What Can We Do?

It’s important to be aware that choosing red or blue won’t provide systemic change due to our current political structure – what we need instead is real solutions outside of this binary paradigm which will allow us to create lasting positive change without compromising individual freedoms or liberties. Enter Bitcoin: A decentralized digital currency with no central authority which offers sound money backed up by math rather than governments or politicians – something which could potentially revolutionize our current educational infrastructure and provide more equitable opportunities for everyone regardless of class or privilege levels!


In conclusion, I believe our current monetary system creates incentives which lead to subpar decision making and detrimental behaviors; however, adopting technologies like Bitcoin can help us break away from these limitations while fostering more equitable conditions within society at large! Additionally, understanding how economics affects our everyday lives can go along way towards creating meaningful solutions for the future – so let’s start talking about how we can use cryptocurrency (and other emerging techs) responsibly today!