Investing Wisely: Bitcoin and Talmudic Teachings

• The article examines the idea of allocating one’s wealth into three parts, based on Talmudic teachings.
• It suggests that dividing funds into land, cash on hand and risky assets is a wise investment strategy.
• The author illustrates how this strategy can be successfully implemented in our modern world with Bitcoin.

The Talmudic Approach to Investment

The article examines the idea of allocating one’s wealth into three parts, based on Talmudic teachings. The Gemara, a part of the Talmud provides investment advice which states that investments should be divided in thirds: a third in land, a third in merchandise and a third ready to hand. This would create a diversified portfolio and is seen as an effective way to protect one’s wealth and increase their long-term returns.

Modern Application Of Ancient Wisdom

The author suggests that while these ancient strategies may seem outdated or irrelevant today, they can still offer valuable insight when it comes to investing. He reflects upon how Bitcoin might even be backed by these same Talmudic teachings and implies that it could be used as part of this traditional Jewish investment portfolio today.

Real Estate: A Stable Portion Of Your Portfolio

Land or any other type of real estate is considered to be an ideal source for wealth preservation due its stability and growth potential. According to estimates from 2022-2031, real estate markets are expected to grow at a 10.7% compound annual growth rate – making it an attractive option for investors looking for stability over time.

Cryptocurrency As A Risky Asset

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular amongst investors as its value has skyrocketed over the last few years – resulting in many people turning to cryptocurrencies as a risky asset within their portfolios. Despite its volatility compared to other assets such as real estate, cryptocurrency still offers significant opportunities for those who want higher returns over the long run while taking calculated risks with their investments


This article explores how ancient wisdom found in the Talmud can still be applied today when managing your finances – specifically through diversifying your assets into thirds between land/real estate, cash on hand and risky assets such as cryptocurrency which offer higher returns but also come with more risk attached. By utilizing this strategy alongside modern technology like Bitcoin, you can maximize your profits while minimizing your losses over time!